Social Worker Appreciation: Celebrating Ms. Hiller

Social Worker Appreciation: Celebrating Ms. Hiller

March is National School Social Worker Month.

Alden High School is lucky to have Ms. Hiller, our school’s social worker, who has been with us for roughly two years. Ms. Hiller provides a warm and welcoming environment to students and constantly works to build connections and bring comfort to those who are struggling. I got the chance to speak with two of her coworkers, Mrs. Rapini and Mrs. Osucha, and get their point of view on Miss Hiller and all she does.

“Ms. Hiller actually has a lot of roles at Alden High School,” Mrs. Osucha said. “Not only is she our social worker, she also advises the Freshman Class and she helped me coach powderpuff this year.”

In addition to these activities, Ms. Hiller took the lead on our school’s “Bulldogs Bust Hunger” food drive in the fall, partnering with Feed-More WNY and the Buffalo Bills. By getting involved in school activities and clubs, she is able to build deeper connections with students and become a more welcoming presence for all students she encounters.

“Having someone like Ms. Hiller in our building allows students to have one-on-one relationships with an adult and someone they can trust to come to if they need to have discussions about anything,” said Mrs. Rapini, who works closely with her in the guidance office.

Ms. Hiller is an outstanding asset to our school and the entire guidance department. Having someone available to help all students is crucial to a happy, functional, and safe learning environment.

Thank you Ms. Hiller for all that you do!