AHS Wellness Week: What’s It About?


Wellness week at Alden High School is coming up from March 13-17, but what is it about?

According to Alden High School social worker Ms. Hiller, we have wellness week because the school would like to promote mental health and wellness.

“We don’t want it to be something that we ignore,” she said. “We want it to be a part of our school and a part of your school experience.”

Taking care of yourself is important and there are many ways to do so, like practicing mindfulness or doing a hobby you enjoy.

Mrs. Tanner, the school mindfulness teacher, went into more detail about what mindfulness is.

“Mindfulness to me is developing a better awareness of intention and having an understanding of the present moment,” she said, explaining that her mindfulness class is currently listening to music mindfully. “We can listen to music to calm us down and we can listen to music to pump ourselves up.”

So, this week, try to take some time for yourself every day and do the things that bring you joy. Especially during busy weeks or months, it is important to not burn out and take care of yourself!