Leprechaun Training With Mr. Casillo


Saint Patrick’s Day is an Irish holiday filled with shamrocks, luck and, most importantly, leprechauns. Every year during the month of March, individuals can test their luck by trying to catch a leprechaun and receive a surprise if they do.

Alden Central Schools really enjoys Saint Patrick’s Day, because every year, students and staff wear green on March 17. But there is one teacher in the district who enjoys Saint Patrick’s Day more than anyone else: His name is Mr.Casillo.

He teaches health in the high school and middle school and coaches golf and bowling. But that is only his part time job. Believe it or not, Mr.Casillo moonlights as a leprechaun.

In 2019, AHS students and teachers had reason to believe that Mr.Casillo was in fact a leprechaun. He had pots of gold hidden in his desk, consumed an abundance of Lucky Charms, and even turned the toilet water green. It is now confirmed that Mr.Casillo is a real leprechaun.

“I don’t think you know what I do at night, especially in the month of March to get ready,” Casillo said. “I have a confession to make: I am a leprechaun.”

Not everyone can become a leprechaun. It takes a special set of skills and intense training to master the art of becoming a leprechaun. So, if you want to know how Mr.Casillo trains to be a leprechaun, click here.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day Alden!