43rd Annual Scholastic Recognition Recipients


Every year, the Erie Niagara School Superintendents Association honors three academically successful seniors from schools across Western New York for their hard work and dedication to their studies.  

Three students from Alden High School have been selected to attend this year’s Scholastic Achievement Recognition Dinner on May 18 at Salvatore’s: Sophia Daddario, Nicolena Fazio, and Riley Streit. This dinner gives the recognized students a chance to meet with the superintendent, principal, and the board of education president and receive recognition for their accomplishments along with some 400 other students from area high schools.

“I’m looking forward to the dinner because, first off, it’s Salvatore’s. Delicious,” Streit said, “and because it is a big honor to be at the dinner.”

Congratulations to our seniors on their selection and their academic success.