AHS To Host Technical Career Day May 4


Want to discover your dream job? Curious about what to do after high school? On May 4 at Alden High School, companies around Western New York are coming to Alden to connect with students. Many hands-on demonstrations and industry partners will be set up in the gym and in and outside the tech wing.

Mr. Turton and Mr. Eggink are very excited for this year’s Technical Career Day. Students in Mr. Turton’s Career and Financial Management class had the opportunity to help put together this year’s event.

“We have multiple schools from neighboring districts to Alden coming,” said event organizer Mr. Turton, “and we’ve got fifty different industry partners and several educational partners, trade schools, technical schools, community colleges, and universities coming.”

These different industry partners and schools will be coming in to talk to students and inform them on different things to do after high school, including “ways for students to pursue different career paths.”

Some companies are even interested in hiring different students right out of high school. Other opportunities could include college tuition for employees as well as apprenticeships and much more. There’s something there for everybody.

For more information on Alden High School’s Technical Career Day, click here.