Throwing Passes and Chasing Passions: Anthony Wilde’s Passion Project


On the afternoon of Tuesday, May 3, 4th grader Anthony Wilde’s passion project took flight.

Alden Intermediate School created passion projects to allow students to plan out one of their dreams and make it come true. They describe what their dream is and develop their own plan to make it all happen. For his project, Anthony contacted his football hero, Noah Tozeck, and made plans to learn how to become a quarterback. Anthony was one of Noah’s biggest fans throughout this past football season and has been dreaming of becoming a quarterback just like him.

“He absolutely loves Alden Bulldog Football,” said Mrs. Griggs, one of Anthony’s teachers. “He’s been a big fan all year and we’ve talked a lot about it, so he watched several videos and he’s reached out to several adults in order to communicate what he wanted to do.”

Anthony certainly put in the work to make this special day all come together. Not only did he get to spend a day with his idol, he also learned many valuable lessons and skills. This opportunity allowed him to develop some great communication schools that he will carry throughout his life.

Noah spent the afternoon running plays, playing catch, and throwing touchdown passes with Anthony to give him a glimpse of the quarterback life. The boys even got a chance to score a touchdown and show off what their celebration dance would be. The excitement in his eyes the moment he saw Noah coming was truly uplifting. Anthony was so grateful for this opportunity, and he can’t wait to keep watching Noah on the field.