BREAKING: ACS Announces Details for Elementary Grade Reconfiguration

"This committee has decided to recommend reopening Alden Intermediate School"

BREAKING: ACS Announces Details for Elementary Grade Reconfiguration

Staff, Staff

Over the last year, a representative group of community stakeholders (e.g., parents, teachers, students, administrators) has been working to improve the organization of our schools.

This committee has decided to recommend reopening Alden Intermediate School, relocating the third grade to the Crittenden Road building in September 2016.

This recommendation to the Board of Education comes after significant deliberation.  When the third grade initially moved to the Primary School in 2011, the census projected kindergarten enrollment to be 85 students.  Based on this, a reduction in the number of sections per grade level was expected.  Despite this prediction, current enrollment has increased to 110.  In order to keep class sizes at an optimal level, additional sections have been added to the Primary School rather than removed.  The current configuration of students has resulted in overcrowding at the Primary School.  Students receiving educational services are often learning alongside two other small groups within the same classroom.  In contrast, there is ample space at the village campus.

School District realignment is expected to provide a host of advantages to our students.  Regrouping the grade levels into three distinct programs (i.e., K-2, 3-5, 6-8) is expected to produce better curriculum continuity and allow for better program specialization. It will also create an atmosphere of pride and ownership amongst third, fourth, and fifth grade students, parents, and staff, which has been difficult with the current structure.

In order to aid in the transition of our current second and third grade students, preparation activities will begin in the spring.  With both grade levels moving together with the third grade staff, it is anticipated to be a smooth transition. Budgetary changes include the re-allocation of resources.  Additional resources that may be needed will be allocated in the normal operating budget.

The Board of Education approved this recommendation at their Thursday, November 23, 2015, regular meeting. Additional details regarding these changes will be released in January 2016. WACS News will bring you the latest developments as they become available.