AHS Robotics Team Works With Primary Students

Eric Matoon


PHOTO BY: Eric Matoon

Staff, Staff

The Alden High School Robotics team is responsible for a lot more than just building really cool robots. Another responsibility of the team is to facilitate community outreach. The team has put a lot of effort into Mother Son Night at the Primary school. They had set up three stations for the kids to do a robotics room, design rooms and coding room. In the Design Room led by Sara Pasternack, Primary School students were able to try Computer Animated Design or CAD. The students used TinkerCad, a free CAD software, to create their own designs. The students could also watch the 3d printers in action or a time lapse of a print. The Robotics Room was led by Kevin Mychajluk.  In the Robotics Room, the younger kids were able to design their own car that they could race with others. The older 2nd and 3rd graders could design their own larger robot with motors that they could control. There were also pre-­built robots that were being shown to the kids. In the Coding Room, led by Bryan Brown, kids were playing coding games. These were very simple games that the kids were able to code and then play. The Robotics Team was happy to help provide younger students with a unique STEAM experience The High School Robotics Team hopes that this gets them thinking about all of the great STEAM experiences that are ahead for these students at the Middle School and High School.