2016 ACS Art Collection Inductees


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Alden Central Schools

2016 Superintendent’s Permanent Art Collection Inductees


Alden Central Schools inducted the newest members of the Superintendent’s Permanent Art Collection at the June 2, 2016 Board of Education meeting.  Honored students were Mason Brody- Grade 5, Kaitlyn Wery- Grade 7, Samantha Minotti- Grade 10, and Sarah Golas- Grade 10.  These very talented artists will have the honor of having their artworks permanently on display in the district.  The Alden Art Department would like to congratulate the artists on this artistic milestone and look forward to their future creative endeavors. 

SPAC with Mr. Stoltman
SPAC Inductees with Mr. Stoltman: l-r, Samantha M., Kaitlyn W., Mr. Stoltman, Sarah G., and Mason B.


SPAC with art teachers
SPAC Inductees with Art Teachers: l-r, Samantha M., Mrs. Zacher-Bucko, Kaitlyn W., Mr. Wehr, Sarah G., Mrs. Kosinski, Mrs. Cometto, and Mason B.


SPAC with inductees
SPAC Inductees: l-r, Samantha M., Kaitlyn W., Sarah G., and Mason B.