Kelsey Crawford, Senior Proudcer

Throughout the 2015-16 school year, WACS News has been covering the many renovations and  updates happening across the district as part of the ongoing ‘Renovations 2014‘ work. Now that the new Alden Community Playground has opened and Summer recess has arrived, construction is at almost every turn at all campuses. With construction comes some relocation as well. For example, you can no longer access the Middle School and High School offices. Additionally, you may be surprised pulling up to the Primary School should you need to visit the main office there. The main driveway that the buses use has been completely torn up to be refinished. In addition to all of this work that you will notice, there is also some work that may go unnoticed like phone system and HVAC upgrades. Here are the updates you should know about right now:



The Middle School and High School are both in similar conditions as the offices have been gutted as crews work to remodel those spaces. The specific goal is to provide more secure entrances that were approved as part of ‘Renovations 2014’. All of the office staff has been relocated to temporary areas during the construction. Its important to mention that their phone/fax numbers are all still in tact. However,  should you need to visit the Middle School Main Office, visitors are being asked to utilize the Intermediate School entrance on Crittenden Rd.

If anyone needs to visit the High School Main Office over the course of the Summer, the entrance has changed as well. As crews continue working on the main entrance area, all visitors are being asked to utilize the bus entrance around the corner as the temporary main entrance. The Main Office staff is readily available inside their temporary office in room 118. Max Gucinski brought us a special update on how those will look along with the HS locker rooms HERE.


The main driveway off of Broadway that connects to Alden Primary School is also out of service. The driveway has been torn up due to its deteriorating condition which was addressed as a concern by the Community Based Committee. Visitors may be surprised to see that area in its current state, but they are still able to utilize the visitors driveway on the opposite side of NYSP Substation.


When students walked out the doors at the close of the 2015-16 school year, they will recall the cafeteria floor being bare as the tiles were removed earlier during Spring recess. Contractors have now began working on the new serving line area. The new serving line will be larger and will have entree and snack options all together, in a more modern layout, similar to what you see in colleges today. You can see more about the plans in the Renovations 2014 video.



The deteriorating locker rooms at the High School were also of concern to the Community Based Committee. The renovations to the locker room are also underway! Max Gucinski brought us a special update on how those will look along with the secure entrances HERE.

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