BREAKING: Eggink Guarantees Powderpuff Victory!

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After some talk with Mr. Eggink, the coach of the Freshman and Senior powderpuff team, it appears that confidence is not lacking. The first time powderpuff coach may not have much experience, but this does not seem to discourage him.

When asked if he thinks that the Freshman/Senior team will win, Eggink answered with certainty, “Of course. It’s hard to lose when you have the best coaching staff around”. The boastful comments were far from few. Mr. Eggink also stated, “Not only do I expect to win, I expect to shut out the Sophomores and Juniors! With my assistance I’m certain this team could take on most high school football teams in the area”.

Eggink’s team has high expectations to live up to. In Alden’s history of powderpuff games, no coach has guaranteed such a victory. Come out to the game Thursday after the parade to watch as the Freshman and Senior girls take on the Sophomore and Junior girls. With the guarantee from Eggink a lot is riding on this game.