Freshman Class Optimistic About Homecoming Activities

Staff, Staff

After an interview with Freshman class advisor, Mrs. Smith, it appears the Freshman class expect a positive outcome in this year’s homecoming activities. When asked who the toughest competition will be, Mrs. Smith responded, “Definitely the Seniors. They’ve been doing this for four years now, so they have the advantage.” This year’s theme for the classes was decades. The Freshman class was excited about being assigned the 70’s. The only sign of uncertainty coming from Mrs. Smith was when she was asked about how the Class of 2020 will handle both the float, as well as, the hallway decorating. She said, “I’m more nervous about the float than the hallway”. This is mainly because it is difficult to get a large number of students to meet up outside of school. According to Mrs. Smith, the participation from students has been great. The majority of the work is being put in by the girls of the Freshman class, but there are some boys doing their part as well. With the powderpuff game approaching, we finished the interview by asking how she thinks the game will go. Mrs. Smith confidently said, “I think things will go well. We’re paired with the Seniors which will be a big help”. Despite the lack of experience within the Class of 2020, the freshmen are still thinking positively about the upcoming events.