VIDEO: Alden Mayor Updates on Water Crisis

Carly Hopcia, News Anchor


Staff, Staff

This past week, the Mayor of Alden joined us here at WACS News for an interview regarding with the Water Crisis this past summer. In this interview, Mayor Manicki gave a full recap on the water problem in Alden. During this time, residents were asked to decrease water use for a certain amount of time until the water was back on track. Here at Alden High School, our own pool was drained and shut down for the summer. Mandatory restrictions were put in order. Car washing was not allowed and there was also a limit on watering of plants and lawns. As a replacement of local water, Alden borrowed county water for about a month or so. The water used was purchased and residents had to pay for the usage. Most of the residents were very cooperative and there were very few complaints. Right now, the water us up and running and everything is working smoothly. The Mayor took initiative on this problem and certainly handled the situation very well.