High School Student Prepares for Northwestern Audition

High School Student Prepares for Northwestern Audition

Carl Aldinger

Alex Hamilton, a senior at Alden High School, has been preparing for a music audition at Northwestern University.  He specializes in the flute, playing it since the Intermediate School level.  As music auditions for colleges are very competitive and high-pressure, Alex wanted to simulate the environment of an audition prior to his actual audition.

On November 7, District music teachers, and even some other non-music teachers attended a mock audition in the auditorium.  Mr. Larrabee, the high school band instructor, Mrs. Nieman, the middle school band instructor, Mrs. Granata, the intermediate, middle and high school choral director, were present for the audition.  They had copies of Alex’s musical selections in order to judge and score his performance.  Mrs. Zacher and Mrs. Kaderli, high school art and government teachers, respectively, also came to watch.  Alex wanted to simulate “the highest-pressure setting” possible” so the actual audition, which took place on November 11, would be “as well-oiled as possible.”  Although Alex felt the audition was not his best performance, he was very grateful for the opportunity.

Alex has been playing flute since he was nine years old and also plays the piano and organ.  Since an early age, Alex has found himself interested in baroque organ and flute music and composition.

Northwestern is Alex’s top-choice school, he even applied Early Decision.  However, Alex plans to double major in Flute Performance and Mathematics but is still unsure as to what he would like to do after college.  As far as other students considering going to college for music, Alex’s advice is to approach the “decision with extreme caution” and “be 100% devoted to putting in practice and study time for this field.”