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Nick King, Sports Reporter

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Hi, I’m Nick King here with WACS news and I am a senior at Alden High School, my role on the WACS news team this year was first just the job of a reporter, then half way through the year I was “reenlisted” to the job of sports reporter. Next year I plan to attend Gannon University in Erie Pennsylvania and to major in Criminal Investigations. I am going to be dorming, and staying at Finnegan hall for my 4year undergraduate stay, and then I am going to be going for my masters. Furthermore, while in college, I am going to be also a part of the Army ROTC program there, after my four years of being involved in ROTC, I plan to continue with my four years of active service in the army. After my four-year contract is up with the Army, I plan to switch from Army to Navy, and go for the Navy Seals. Once I make it into the Navy Seals, I will stay in it for most likely around ten or fifteen years, which then I will retire from it and finish up with my last job of being a DEA agent. I enrolled into WACS news because I used to enjoy getting asked questions in the hall and watching the videos as a under classmen, personally if I had the option sooner, I would have joined WACS news a sooner time in my high school career.

From the beginning of the year until now, my video production skill levels have been drastically changed. Due to the help of my two teachers, Mr. Currin and Mr. Masci, and my classmates, my productions skills went from making a minute and a half video that was choppy and hard to follow, to a three to four minute video that looked close to professionally done. Although I had a couple really bad stories that I just did not produce well at all, I also had some very impressive videos that I made that I left very proud of myself because of the way it looked. Starting off with the worst, most likely my worst videos this year, were probably my “Metals Room Renovations “ video and my “Super Bowl Recap” video, although when it comes to my best videos, I can proudly say that most of the rest of them were very well done on my behalf, especially the “Post Rifle States” video and my “Proposition #3” video. The difference between my videos at the start of the year and the end if the year is almost like night and day. I really enjoyed interviewing my old teammates for the rifle team while doing that video; it gave me time to reminisce about old memories and relive life during the interview, also as for the Proposition #3 video, it gave me the time to really notice what is going on in my community and to give that recognition out to other people in the town that may not know what is going on. By being in WACS news, I have learned many life tips and ways to help me excel in the growing technological world today, things as simple as how to cut and edit a video in I Movie, or what kind of punctuation to use while writing in a story, are all things that the average human being takes for granted and all things that I know how to do (mostly). By taking this class, it has not only brought me closer to students and friends that took it with me, but it also has really help me mature and realize that, this is how a future job is going to be, you are going to have deadlines and things that need to be done, and while having a strict yet laid back and fun class like this, I cant think of a better class I could have taken to help prepare me for what comes next after I leave high school.

Next when I comes to future students, definitely, absolutely take this class. Although there are times when the work is tough and overwhelming, the payoff is major. Personally, there is no better feeling than when you log onto the WACS new website and you see your story on the front-page banner. If you simply just stay ahead of your work, try not to get behind, try to get all of your recording done in one go, and just focus on getting your work done in class first, then taking the time to sit back and relax, you can really excel in WACS news. When it comes to challenges, there is a plethora of them, the major one being procrastination, also having a lack of focus and a lack of a “go getter” attitude. Regarding to myself, some things that I most certainly could have done better, are the things I warned the upcoming students of, at times I found myself in a daze of laziness and I would procrastinate to a point I had to rush to get my videos finished on time.

Lastly, throughout this year, there are some major things that I have learned that I would have never of learned in other classes. My skills on how to operate a computer, edit a video, and get footage on a camera have dramatically increased. The skills I have learned throughout this school year will last a lifetime, and I have WACS news to thank for that, now for the last time, this is Nick King with WACS news..signing off.



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Digital Portfolio: Nick King