Vision 20/20: Primary School Loop


Brittany Chase, Reporter

There is a large scope of work for the ‘Vision 20/20’ Capital Improvement Project. One of the components of Proposition #1 includes the Primary School located near Broadway and Townline. The proposal states that the Primary School is in need of a new drop off loop. The system the school already has is not safe for the children in heavy traffic hours in the morning and afternoon. With this new project the whole lot would need to be repaved. The lot at the moment has many potholes that need to get filled in. With this new drop off system, it would make it easier and safer for the children. The new system would be made into a loop, this will be setup for one way traffic only. This kind of drop-off/pick-up system is already in place at the Middle School and High School. This setup at the other schools has made it easier and safer for dropping off students. In Renovations 2014, the Primary School had a new bus loop put in on the opposite side of the campus. The loop has made it easier for the buses to get in and out.With this renovation already being done, the hope is to make it safer and more efficient for parents on the opposite side of the lot in Vision 20/20.