Vision 20/20: MS Science Rooms


Spencer Keppner, Reporter

The science classrooms at the Alden Middle School are past their useful lives. One of the many components of Proposition One of the ‘Vision 20/20’ Capital Project is renovating the outdated and well worn-out science classrooms at the middle school. A tour of the classroom by Science Teacher Mr. Matecki, showed that cabinet doors and shelves are in disrepair.  The ceilings cannot support a projector being hung like most other classrooms now have in the district. Sinks in the room are also not up to standard as they are eroded creating drainage issues as well. The condition of the cabinets, sinks, and ceiling clearly show that the rooms need to be redone. Mr. Matecki says that the environment he teaches in doesn’t support modern initiatives and that the condition of the room is distracting the students.