Vision 20/20: Athletic Field


Kayla Derenda, Sports Producer

Part of Proposition #1 is aimed at reworking the track and athletic field at the High School. As athletes already know, Alden’s track is aging quickly. Although many repairs have been made along the way, the track is quickly on its way to extending beyond its useful life.

Review by architects support that the track is outdated and has only less than two years left of use. With re-working the track, comes a similar discussion of addressing our athletic field, which is utilized for Football and Soccer. As part of Renovations 2014, new LED lighting was installed. At that time the new light poles were intentionally placed back further so that the field would be able to be replaced without the lights having to be replaced again when that time came.

The issue of replacing the track only is that, when the field needs to be addressed in the near future, the new track would need to be ripped up again for construction, which the district team feels would not be smart economically. In addition to many other projects, part of Proposition #1 will address both the track and athletic field.

Check out my interview with the director of athletics from Hamburg High School to find out more about what a modern facility has to offer!