ABCs Of Alden


Samantha Bizub, Producer

On Tuesday, January 9th, I attended a book reveal for the ABCs of Alden. Last year, Mrs. Kosinski; one of Alden High School’s art teachers, assigned her AP art students a legacy project. Their goal was to create a children’s book focused on our small town. The class of 13 seniors designed and illustrated 2 letters each. Although this project seems very time consuming the class completed their tasks in 3-4 weeks. Once the art was complete, Mrs. K had to get a grant to publish the book. After some slight  incidents, the book was finally  published.

Copies of the book went to the Primary School Library, St John’s Library, and the Ewell Free Library in the village. These copies were distributed at the reception held in the art gallery. Eight of the artists that created this book came back to see the big reveal along with other past and present artists of Alden. Some of the high school staff stopped by to look and even buy a few copies of the book. There was a full table of homemade, delicious, refreshments to snack on.

During the reception I had the chance to interview some of the artists that worked on the ABCs of Alden; Shelby Kocher, Ellenor Moe and Emma Cansdale. It was very interesting to hear about their different inspirations and see the different styles they put on the paper. From bright and cheery sunflower fields to hauntingly detailed gravestones, each page was incredibly unique. Although each letter varied in texture, color, and theme, each artist clearly expressed how excited they are to be able to inspire the young students of Alden.