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One of the main components of Alden’s One to the World Project is a team of student leaders that will be known as, The Atlas Team. This group is tasked with learning how to use the Surface Pros that will be distributed to each student in the high school before the initial roll out. Atlas Team members will be stationed the help desk located in the Library and will provide troubleshooting and tech support for students and teachers.  I spoke with Mr. Masci, one of the creators of the Atlas Team, and Luke Drew one of the Atlas Team members to obtain more information on what and how they will be able to achieve the goal of helping as AHS makes this exciting transition.  Team members are very excited to get their hands on the Surface Pros first and get to know the machines. On April 23rd the team was taught how to troubleshoot or fix problems with the surface pros by Microsoft professionals. they also learned more about how to communicate with guests and more team work activities.


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