French/ Spanish Club Trip


Justin Evoy, Reporter

This year, Alden High School has decided to try something new with their French and Spanish Clubs. They have decided to combine the two of them into the French/ Spanish Club, now called International Club. Over the year, they plan on doing many fun things that include both of their languages and the cultures that they have been learning about. One thing they plan on doing throughout the year is to plan and fundraise for their trip to Europe. The club plans on going on their trip during February break of 2020. Since this trip is on the February, break they will not miss any school. While on this trip, they will be going to Barcelona, Spain, Paris, and France. While in Paris, they will visit places such as the Eiffel Tower, museums, tours of the city, and they even plan on doing a night tour. While in Barcelona, students and teachers will be doing things such as walking around the city, visiting Park Guell, and they plan on taking an authentic cooking class. Throughout the club’s trip, they are planning on getting to learn more about the culture and study the language, but also enjoy themselves at the same time. One of the main things that the students and teachers will be focusing on while in Europe is the culture. They would like to learn more about the culture of these cities and countries. Students will be enjoying authentic music and food. Many students are very excited for this trip and have already started the planning and fundraising needed to go.