Keeping Alden Connected!

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Keeping Alden Connected!

WACS News.

Keeping Alden Connected!

WACS News.

Back on Track: 2023

Marisa Loschiavo, Sports Reporter March 10, 2023

Track season is coming up and we are getting hyped for the season. I brought some sophomore and freshman students from the Alden varsity track team to show us how they get ready for this season. Sophomore...

Alden Students Win Thousands With ‘Ving’ Projects

February 20, 2023

In the mindfulness class at Alden High School students entered into the Ving Project. I interviewed students with winning entries as well as the teacher who brought this selfless act of kindness to Alden...

AHS Students Head to All-County

Dreem Wright, Features Reporter February 20, 2023

Did you know that some of Alden’s very own musicians will soon be performing with some of the best from across Erie County? With this spectacular opportunity coming up in March at UB's Slee Hall on March...

Who’s Your Celebrity Crush?

Bailey Mercer, Sports Reporter February 20, 2023

Celebrity Crushes, the people we love but we can't have. I have one, you have one, even celebrities have one. It's February which means there's love in the air. Have you ever wondered who your friends...

Relax with WACS: Hawaii Edition

Shealinn Camp, General Assignment Reporter February 20, 2023

I took a relaxing vacation to the beautiful, calming, and breathtaking island of Oahu, Hawaii. During the trip, I lay out on the beach and unwound while listening to the sound of the ocean waves, took...

Alden Middle School Poetry Showcase

Casper Moore, WACS Poetry Correspondent February 20, 2023

Creativity fills the halls of the Alden Central School District. I added soundscapes and visuals to poems written by students at Alden to show them off in a video format. Here are the poems chosen to...

Gallery: February Frenzy

Gallery: February Frenzy

Carlina Monin, WACS Photographer February 19, 2023

February Frenzy Preview

Marisa Loschiavo, Sports Reporter February 13, 2023

Holiday Havoc has been rescheduled and re-branded. It's now called February Frenzy. Watch my informational video to hear all the updates from your very own student congress secretary Maddie Uhrich....

WACS Leaders Show Off Competitive Dance Skills

Tiara Price, Executive Producer February 13, 2023

Competitive dancers live a demanding lifestyle, with going to school everyday, and practice for three to four hours—then having to follow that same schedule again for the next week. Though the schedule...

The Grand Finale: AHS Drawing and Painting Final Projects

Rhys Sugg, WACS Art Reporter February 9, 2023

With the semester ending, Mrs. Cometto’s drawing and painting class made one last drawing and painting. Students were able to freely create in any medium as long as it met the size requirements. WACS...

Alden High School Teachers Receive Valentines from Their Students

Gwen Krieb, Features Reporter February 8, 2023

What is your favorite Valentine's Day tradition? Here in WACS, our favorite part of Valentine's Day is handing out valentines to the ones we love and appreciate the most. In honor of Valentine's...

Alden High School Teacher Swap

Anthony Kudla, News Reporter February 8, 2023

Teachers spend more than four years in college learning and studying their craft. They essentially become experts in the courses they teach. Every teacher's job at Alden High School is important and provides...

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