Tennis Season


Luke Drew, Associate Producer

Everyone is very excited for this year’s tennis season. I interviewed Mr. Turton, who is also the Varsity Alden Soccer coach, about his goals and some of his expectations for the season. Mr. Turton had a lot to say. He talked about how he expects the team to do very well in their division. He said that there is going to be competition, so everyone must put in the work to get the best outcome for the season. He wants to repeat as division champions this year as a team.  Some key players he saw a lot of improvement in were Ryan Becker and Lucas Bush. They are both coming back from last year and Lucas Bush, the team captain is looking better than ever. Mr. Turton also pointed out how Ryan Becker is looking faster, stronger, and he can’t wait to see him play this year. Mr. Turton also talked about some hard-working players, Charles Freeman, and Michael Frisicaro. Mr. Turton talked about how he loves their effort and dedication to the game. Both Charles and Michael practiced day in and day out all year round until the snow started to fall. They both have the drive to get better, are hard-working, and love the game of tennis. Mr. Turton is very excited to be back coaching this year. Overall, Mr. Turton is very excited for this season of tennis. He has seen a lot of improvement from everyone and likes the hard work and dedication the team is putting in.